Our first official visit to the Côte d’azur did not disappoint! Last Tuesday, the Bonemasters Europe team headed down to the French Riviera in preparation for this coming yachting season. Our visit was highlighted by the Superyacht Cooking Competition, hosted by Bluewater at the Yacht Club of Monaco. It was here that 12 superyacht chefs battled it out, cooking from a mystery box, which contained non-other than Bonemasters products.

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The Preliminaries

Round one saw the first three chefs battle it out with their mystery box. This box contained a Veal Filet Mignon, Violette Potatoes, Parmesan, Parsley and BME Veal Stock and Veal Glace. Bonemasters Veal products have a very distinctive flavour profile and provide the perfect high quality and consistent sauce for a fast pace cooking environment.

Round two saw the next round chefs cook with Sea Bream, Red Sweet Pepper, Carrot, Black Radish, Yellow Zucchini, Lemon Thyme and Bonemasters Chicken Stock and Chicken Jus. Chicken is a great alternative to fish stocks and reductions as they provide a richer and more well rounded in flavour.

In round three the chefs cooked with Lobster, Avacado, Rocket Salad, Shiso Leaves, Basil, Cherry Tomatoes and Bonemasters Chicken Stock and Veal Glace. In the final preliminary round, the remaining 3 chefs cooked with Beef Steak, Porcini Mushrooms, Jerusalem Artichokes, Rosemary, Fennel and Bonemasters Red Wine Jus. The Chefs all used the Red Wine Jus as the perfect finishing touch, providing extra flavour and texture to any dish.

The Finals

The Final Round saw Chefs Bruno Chailan, Richard Cullen and Stephanie Gravier competing for the win. For this round, they had 45 minutes to cook a main dish and a dessert. For the main they were tasked to cook with a Lamb Shank, Coco Beans, Thyme, Carrots, White Onions, Parmesan and Bonemasters Lamb Stock and Lamb Glace. As any chef would know, cooking a Lamb Shank in 45 minutes is near impossible, so with the help of the Bonemasters Lamb Stock, Chefs were able to cut the meat off the bone and braise it for the perfect finish.

The Winner

The very talented Stephanie Gravier took out the title, being the first female chef to win the competition. A huge congratulations to Stephanie and all of the talented chefs that competed.

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