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Agecotel Chef Competitions

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We are excited to be heading to Agecotel this year!


Bonemasters Europe will be sponsoring the ‘ONE AND ONE MAKE THREE’ contest on Tuesday 29th of March.

Chefs David and Noëlle Faure and Laurant Capdeville of association Les Toques Brulées are inspired by The fabels of La Fountaine.

In 3 rounds the competitors have to create dishes inspired by the fable “The Wolf and the Lamb”

In the 3rd and final challenge, it all comes together. Create a dish of all the leftovers including peelings and others. Zero waste is at the heart of this new competition.


Find out more about the chef competitions at Agecotel and especially about ‘ONE AND ONE MAKE THREE’ click here: competitions – Agecotel


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