Our Farm to Table Story

At Bonemasters Europe we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and passion for what we do. We focus solely on producing Stock, Jus and Glace that is traditional and meets the highest quality standards.

A lot of chefs and industry professionals cannot believe what we achieve inside our production facility until they see it. We love showing them inside the heart of Bonemasters Europe and so it is our pleasure to welcome everyone inside our factory during our Farm to Table video. We can’t wait for you to understand our ethos and love of Pure Ingredients for Serious Kitchens.

In this video, we take you on a journey from our premium Veal Bone supplier Vitelco, to the Bonemasters Europe factory and into one of Amsterdams most exciting kitchens. You’ll see the fresh, Dutch Veal Bones we use in our Veal based range right through the production steps of Bonemasters Europe, showing you our state of the art manufacturing equipment and quality system. And finally, you will get to experience how our products integrate seamlessly into busy, electric cooking environments.

We can’t wait for you to see and feel our passion. A special thank you to Vitelco, Onno Kokmeijer, Arjan Speelman & Ciel Bleu Restaurant**.

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Our Industry Experience

Ed Driscoll, creator, shareholder and former CEO of Bonewerk’s Culinarte has revolutionized the market for chef-inspired sauce products in the USA. Ed brings critical industry knowledge and understanding to Bonemasters Europe.

Conrad Brown, former owner and creator of Boneroasters Australia has worked closely with Ed since the inception of Boneroasters in 2007.

Conrad is a former Executive Chef, who having worked in Europe for nearly 20 years has a critical understanding of the market.

Both Conrad and Ed identified a need for Bonemasters Europe and bring extensive, vital industry knowledge to the company and its products.


About Onno Kokmeijer and Ciel Bleu Restaurant**

For many years Onno Kokmeijer has been part of the culinary world. Since he was 17 years old Onno has been working for ‘De Twee Schouwtjes’, ‘De Swaen’, ‘De Hoefslag’, ‘De Gieser Wildeman’ and ‘Karpendoekse Hoeve’. After his role as a sous-chef at ‘Merlet’, he made the move to Ciel Bleu ** in 2003. The ‘SVH meesterkok’ as part of the chef’s duo, with chef de cuisine Arjan Speelman, is constantly looking for perfection in products as well as balance and craft.

About Vitelco

Vitelco, which operates as part of the PALI Group has been a specialist in Veal since 1990. Based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, Vitelco is one of the largest slaughter and deboning houses in Europe. It is their many years of experience and independently controlled production and logistics processes that enable them to continuously guarantee the best quality.

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