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Our products

Our products are created using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, combined with a traditional open kettle reduction process to produce an incomparable quality product. Based in the South of the Netherlands, Bonemasters has access to the freshest ingredients all year round. Bonemasters Europe’s products are free from additives and preservatives, rendering 100% natural in flavor and color.


Beef, veal, chicken en lamb stock

Stocks are the heart and soul of any serious kitchen, that is why we cook our stock using a traditional open kettle method. Our Stocks can be used as a traditional base for soup making, braising, sauces and risotto among many other dishes.

Packaging: 2KG bags frozen and sold in 10KG cartons.

Beef Stock

Chicken Stock

Lamb Stock

Veal Stock


Red wine, beef, chicken en duck jus

Bonemasters Jus comes from natural stock reductions cooked using a traditional open kettle method. Our Jus can be used as it is on steak and other meats or can be used as the base for your restaurant specialties.

Packaging: 1KG bags frozen, sold in 10KG cartons.

Beef Jus

Chicken Jus

Duck Jus

Red Wine Jus


Veal en lamb jus

Glace is an intense reduction over many hours that is closely monitored to ensure optimal quality every time. Using our method we are able to ensure the same level of reduction for every cook. Our Glace is ready to accent your dishes without any further cooking.

Packaging: 1KG bags frozen, sold in 10KG cartons.

Lamb Glace

Veal Glace

  • Incomparable quality

  • Fresh ingredients

  • Traditionally prepared

  • Consistent flavour