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Our industries

Bonemasters Europe distributes its products to a wide range of food service industries. The quality, packaging design and taste are just some of the reasons why are products so appealing to clients in Banqueting, Airlines, Yachts, Cruise ships among others.

Banquet & Catering

Our reduced products are ideal for providing consistent, high quality taste and texture. Our customers save time and resources using our in a catering and banquet environment. Perfect for a touch of Red Wine Jus to complete a dish or to brais meats using our Veal or Lamb Glace.

Airline & Yacht Catering

Our products are ideal for airline & yacht catering as they provide cost effective and simple preparation. Our reduced products can be used in a wide range of First and Business Class dishes, while our stocks can be used for mass Economy dishes.

Á la Carte

Bonemasters Europe’s products are designed and packaged for full service kitchens; delivered frozen and free from additives. Our products help to create unique dining experiences, from using our Stock as a base for traditional recipes to using our reduced products to accent crowd favorites.